Clean Eating Tips

Clean eating is one of the best things you can do for your body. You will feel better, look better, and lose weight. However, staying on a clean eating diet has its challenges, especially while eating out at restaurants, but it always best to put clean and nutritious food in our body. Just like your car, when you put in cheap gas and oil, it doesn’t run as well as it does when you put in premium.

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A clean eating diet focuses on consuming whole foods that are minimally processed and as close to their natural form as possible. By eating this way, you can find a safe and effective way to lose weight, feel more energized, and be healthier. Here are some tips that can help you along the way.

Stay away from Added Sugar

Consuming too much added sugar can lead to many health issues like diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Instead of sugar, use natural flavoring to give your food and drinks some sweetness.

Stop Eating Diet Foods

Lots of people turn to diet foods when they are trying to lose weight. They go for diet soda and low-fat yogurts. These foods sound good for you, but really they are not. Low-fat yogurt has tons of sugar in it. When clean eating, you want to stick with whole foods with no added sugars like peanut butter and full-fat yogurts.

Eat your Greens

Just like Mom used to say, “eat your veggies.” This is still the same today, but there are better and more flavorful ways to make them. Leafy greens can be a great side to most any meals, and they are full of antioxidants which make your body happy.

Meal Prep

Planning ahead is the best way to stay clean. Prepping meals for the week ahead of schedule will guarantee that you eat clean.

Don’t Drink your Calories

Many drinks are full of sugar, and adding those into your diet without adding in the extra calories and sugar can lead to weight gain. One can (12oz) of soda contains 150 calories and 39g of sugar. This is not good for your health or your waistline.

Don’t Focus on Calories

The key to clean eating is to focus on ingredients and not on calories. Nuts and Avocados are high in calories but super good for you as they are packed with nutrients to keep you healthy, like fiber. Stop looking at calories and start looking at nutrients and ingredients.

Get that Protein

Protein is amazing for the body as it helps it heal and keeps you energized. It is also great for muscle building. Many food items are clean sources of protein like eggs, fish, nuts, beans, dairy, and poultry. These can be added to almost any meal.

Keep well Stocked

Ensure that your refrigerator and pantry are stocked with clean, healthy foods that will help you stay on task for a clean eating diet.

Don’t bring Junk Home

Indulging in something sweet or savory every now and then is ok but keeping things in the house as a box of cookies or a bag of potato chips only guarantees one thing. You Will Eat Them! The best way to avoid fattening treats is to make sure that you do not bring them into your home.

Drink Clean Coffee

Coffee drinks get a bad rap often, which is sad because coffee is a healthy drink by itself. The problem comes when you start adding in sweetened syrups and artificial sweeteners with whip cream on top. Hello hundreds of calories, yes hundreds! To keep your coffee healthy while still giving it flavor would be to go with unsweetened items like honey or agave nectar and some milk.

Remember that clean eating is not a diet but a healthy way to live. By following these tips, you can lose wieght and become healthier. Try incorporating these tips into your daily eating habits and see how much better you feel.

Amanda Jordan
Author/Weight Loss Coach

Eating clean at restaurants

Eating clean is a personal choice and can be super hard depending on where you live and what kind of budget you have. However, the benefits that come from clean eating living far outway the bad. A clean eating diet can lead to better health, lower weight, and feeling better overall.

One of the biggest challenges to clean eating is figuring out how to stay clean when eating at restaurants or fast-food restaurants. Here is a list of things you can order when eating out to follow the clean eating guidelines you are following.

Fast food places make it hard to find clean food as the quicker food is made, the more nutrients they lose. However, most places have some protein bowl or salad you can get. Stay away from anything deep-fried or covered in sauce. Taco places are a good one to go to as they have salads that you can add steak or chicken to. If you can’t find a place that offers something clean to eat them stop at a grocery store and hit their deli section where they will have fresh salads and sandwiches to choose from.

If you find yourself stuck at a place like Burger King with no other option, then go for a burger with no bun and skip the condiments, and add a salad instead if getting fries. It’s best to avoid place like this so you are not tempted to eat something you shouldn’t.

Restaurant eating is more accessible than fast food, but unless you live in a place like California where there are healthy food options everywhere, you will still struggle to keep the food clean. Look over the menu and opt for a protein like a steak, chicken, or fish with a side of steamed vegetables and a baked potato. Many restaurants now have a variety of salads that are full of delicious nutrients. Skip the bread or tortilla chips that come complimentary unless it’s whole grain wheat.

Never be afraid to ask your server what is in the food or how it is prepared. You are spending your hard-earned money to eat at these places, so it is ok to ask for a special request that keeps you healthy and clean.

Here is a list you can add to your phone to help you stay clean when shopping and eating out.

Amanda Jordan

Author / Weight Loss Coach

Workouts you can do at your desk.

Having a desk job can make it hard to get in a workout and stay in shape. Here are some effective ways you can burn calories at your desk or office.


Get up and walk. At least once an hour, get up and walk around the office. Take extra steps to the bathroom and break room. Always use the stairs and, if needed, stand at your desk while walking in place.

Sitting Yoga

Desk yoga is a great way to stretch your muscles and help boost you through the day. If you can’t do this while working, then do it before leaving for lunch or after lunch.

Desk Push Ups

Desk push-ups are a great way to build arm muscles and can be done quickly and effectively. Challenge yourself to do 100 of throughout the workday.

Desk Squats

Desk Squats are a great way to build leg muscles as well as tighten your calves and booty. You can even hold on to your desk for support.

Body Ball Workout

Using a body ball instead of a chair at your desk will help you get in some cardio while working. It is also great for your posture. If you need the balance of the body ball but the support of the chair, then splurge for the two in one combo.

Get creative with your office and desk and figure out what workouts you can do. Your body will thank you.

Amanda Jordan
Author/Weight Loss Coach/Trainer

Living a Clean Eating Life

Clean eating means a lot of different things to many different people. Everyone has their own version of what should and shouldn’t be considered “clean” when it comes to food. At Mighty Great Fitness, we believe that clean eating is essential to maintain a healthy body and lose weight.

What clean eating means to you may be slightly different from what you’ll find in the tips and shopping list you see below. Take what works best for you and leave the rest. Always listen to your body and what it tells you. Your body knows best.

What is clean eating? Clean eating implores us only to eat foods that, by definition, are fresh, whole, and as close to nature as possible. Clean eating encourages us to eat food that is unprocessed, minimally refined, and able to distribute the best in nutrition.

Clean eating is all about eating a little more of this and less of that. It’s about making a conscious effort to pay attention to what you are putting in your body.

There are many benefits to clean eating besides losing weight and feeling better. Clean eating increases the number of plant compounds in our bodies which play a significant role in fighting symptoms associated with conditions like inflammation, menopause, arthritis, and even asthma. Studies show that it can also reduce certain cancers, heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic conditions.

The best way to start a clean eating plan is to clean your kitchen and cupboards out of junk and processed foods. If you are not comfortable throwing them away, you can donate them to a local food bank. Below you will find a shopping list to help you on your way of clean eating.

Clean Eating Food List:

Whole Grains

  • 100% whole wheat flour (must way whole wheat not just wheat)
  • 100% whole wheat or whole-grain bread, tortillas, hot and hamburger buns, etc.
  • Ezekiel bread
  • 100% whole wheat pasta
  • Bob’s Red Mill™ offers very clean flour varieties, including almond flour, coconut flour, soy flour and many others
  • Amaranth
  • Barley
  • Brown rice
  • Wild rice
  • Buckwheat
  • Bulgur
  • Quinoa
  • Rye
  • Spelt
  • Steel cut oats (no added sugar)
  • 100% whole grain cereals, like Kashi™ 7 Whole Grain Flakes, Grape Nuts and others (check ingredients)


  • Grass fed butter
  • Avocados
  • Walnuts
  • Olive oil
  • Nut oils
  • Grapeseed oil
  • For desserts choose whole whipping cream versus manufactured stuff like cool whip


  • All fresh vegetables
  • All fresh fruits

Meats and Poultry

Grass fed, pasture raised, or organic meat is always best as it is devoid of antibiotics and growth hormones fed to traditionally farmed animals

  • Fresh red meat (steaks, hamburger, ribs and roasts)
  • Fresh pork (steaks and roasts)
  • Fresh chicken
  • Bison or venison
  • Fresh turkey

Fish and Seafood

  • All fresh fish and seafood, preferably wild caught versus farm raised


  • Eggs (pasture raised/grass fed or organic)
  • Organic milk or milk from grass fed cows
  • Nut milks (without added sugar)
  • Soy milks (without added sugar)
  • Organic Greek yogurt
  • Organic soy yogurt
  • Cottage cheese
  • Sour cream
  • Block cheeses (shredded adds a chemical to keep the cheese separated)

Beans & Legumes

Dry beans are best, canned is okay as long as there is no added sugar or salt

  • Adzuki beans
  • Black beans
  • Chickpeas
  • Kidney beans
  • Lentils
  • Navy beans
  • Pinto beans
  • Split peas
  • White beans

Canned Items

Look for cans that are BPA free

Should have the “Non-GMO Project Verified” Seal

  • Vegetables packed in water without sugar and low sodium
  • Canned beans with no added sugar and little to no added sodium
  • Pure coconut milk
  • Marinara sauce with no added sugar and little to no added sodium
  • Olives
  • Tomato sauce or paste (no added sugar)
  • Tuna (packed in water)
  • Chicken (packed in water)
  • Fruit packed only in water (no added sugar)
  • Stocks and broths without sugar, dextrose and low sodium
  • Pickles (in moderation due to salt)


  • Stevia
  • Raw honey (in moderation)
  • Sucanat (in moderation)
  • Organic maple syrup (in moderation)

Condiments and Spices

  • Vinegar
  • Mustard with no added sugar
  • Sugar free ketchup
  • All fresh and dried herbs and spices
  • Tahini
  • Hummus
  • Relish (must not have added sugar)
  • Pico De Gallo
  • Fresh salsa
  • Kimchi
  • Sauerkraut
  • Low sodium soy sauce

Packaged and Snack Foods

Should have the “Non-GMO Project Verified” Seal

There are many healthy snack choices that are made with whole food, check labels

  • Sun-dried tomatoes
  • KIND™ Snacks
  • RX™ Bars
  • LARA™ Bars
  • These snack bars list their very simple whole ingredients right on front of the package in big bold print
  • Organic 100% Pure Nut Butters – peanut, almond and others are available in brands where the ingredients list is the nut and nothing else
  • Air popped popcorn (check ingredients for anything else added)
  • Raisins, prunes and all dried fruit (as long as nothing else is added, especially sugar, dried fruit is also very high in fruit sugars and should be eaten in moderation, fresh is better)
  • All nuts (plain, raw and unflavored)
  • All seeds (plain, raw and unflavored)
  • 60% + Cacao dark chocolate
  • Unsweetened cocoa powder
  • Vegetable chips – a new trend in healthy snacking, you can find green bean, kale, beet and carrot chips, the best ones will have two ingredients, the vegetable and oil. You may want to avoid canola oil due to the oxidative stress it can cause in your body and brain. You can also make your own if you have the inclination and the time.


  • Water
  • Milk and nut kinds of milk
  • Naturally sweetened coffee & tea
  • Freshly squeezed juices (fruit and vegetable)
  • Seltzers/Club Soda (without added sugar)
  • 100% pure coconut milk (high in calories, use in moderation)

Listen to your body and dont put anything inside that is bad for you to ingest.

Don’t Buy List:

  • Refined grains
  • White flour and foods made with them
  • White starches, like pasta, rice, or bread
  • Refined sugars
  • Table sugar
  • Sweets, like cakes, cookies, ice cream, soda, etc.
  • Items that come in a bag, box, bottle, or package with more than 5 ingredients, preferably less than 4, and none of those should be sugar or trans fats.
  • Deep-fried foods
  • Fast food
  • Junk food
  • Canola oil (due to it causing oxidative stress in the body and brain because of the molecules changing in a molecular structure during processing)

Make sure to listen to your body because you only get one. Treat it right.

Disclaimer: This publication is for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. Medical advice should always be obtained from a qualified medical professional for any health conditions or symptoms associated with them.

Amanda Jordan
Author/Weight Loss Coach

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Amanda Jordan
Author/Weight Loss Coach

Signs of Binge Eating

Binge eating is an eating disorder that most people don’t realize they have. Just like an overeating addiction, it can be done subconsciously. Binge eating disorder is characterized by regular episodes of extreme overeating and feelings of loss of control about eating. It is believed to be one of the most common eating disorders in the United States.

Binge Eating Disorder - Dr Albert Toubia

Binge eating typically starts during your childhood but can reach early adulthood. Sometimes it will develop later in life, but this is not as common and usually follows a tragedy.

Symptoms of this disorder are similar to bulimia and overeating. For instance, you may typically eat very large amounts of food in a short amount of time. You may notice the overwhelming feeling that you can not control your urge to binge eat.

Common symptoms of binge eating disorder
Eating large amounts of food rapidly
The uncontrollable need to eat
Continuing to eat until uncomfortably full
Eating when not hungry
Eating large amounts of food
Eating when depressed, ashamed, or sad
Eating when you feel guilty
Being overweight or obese

If you struggle with a binge eating disorder, the risk of medical complications can increase. Binge eating can lead to heart disease, stroke, and type two diabetes. If you answered yes to some of the following symptoms, please see your doctor go over this or contact the National Eating Disorder Organization.

Amanda Jordan
Author/Weight Loss Coach

Do you overeat?

Overeating is something that a lot of people do. It is also something that they are not aware that they might do. Overeating can cause many health issues for you, such as obesity, high cholesterol, type two diabetes, and many more.

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First, you have to figure out if you are overeating and the signs that this is a problem.

If you answered yes to any of those, you might have an eating disorder. That is ok, a lot of people do. Food is one of the easiest things to become addicted to because you have to eat to survive. You can’t just stop eating. If you realize that you are overeating, you can do lots of things to help break the pattern. First, it is important to figure out why you are overeating. Are you afraid to waste food? Do you eat for comfort? Look over the list below by precision nutrition to see why you might be overeating.

The biggest thing to remember if you realize that you are an overeater is to not panic. You are not alone, as a lot of people struggle with this. The key is to be aware, so you can work on it and progress over time. Remember, this will not stop overnight.

Cheat day design has an awesome list of dos and don’ts that you can print out and keep on your fridge to help you stop overeating.

One of the best ways to help avoid overeating is to portion out your food. Getting portion control containers can help a ton. Try small containers when you are on the go. Amazon sells some great portion control containers and plates.

If you find yourself struggling so much that you need help, look for a local eating disorder group or contact me for some personal coaching. I now do remote coaching as well. Remember, you are not alone.

Amanda Jordan
Author/ Weight Loss Coach

Fitness & Edibles

There is so much hype and stereotypical vibes when it comes to cannabis and the pros and cons of it. Especially when it comes to fitness and health. Many people wonder if they can partake and stay healthy. The answer to this is yes.

Cannabis can be found in many different forms, but we are going to talk about edibles for the sake of this article. Edibles are a form of food or drink containing CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). When eating edibles, you absorb THC in your bloodstream. This will give your body a relaxing feeling that can help you sleep and destress. Sounds great, right? It can be, but the question is, is this healthy, and what the pros and cons of eating or drinking edibles are?


The biggest con of edibles is that a person can consume too much if they are not careful. Just like food, the THC absorbs in your intestines, so the more food in your system, the longer it can take for you to notice the effect it has on your body. Sometimes it can take hours to notice the edible effect, and if you are not careful, you can overdose. The overdose effect is not the same or as harsh as it is with a serious drug, but it can make you physically sick if you ingest too much. Another problem is you won’t know that you have had too much until you are sick and your body is trying to rid itself of the cannabis. These feelings can be scary intense and cause you to panic. Don’t worry; there are many ways to avoid this. First off, make sure that your edible is coming from a trusted place and that you know what is in it. Such as how much THC is in a serving. If you want to keep it healthy, make sure there are no artificial flavors or sweeteners in it. Start by eating a small amount the first night and see how you feel hours later. If there was not much of an effect, you could try a little more the next time. Remember to consider how much food is already in your system, as that will cause the effect to take longer to notice. Also, make sure to have someone around who can keep an eye on you if you need help.


There are many pros to edibles. The first one is there is no smoke damage to your lungs, like when you smoke marijuana. You can find edibles in everything now, like granola bites, chocolate, protein powder, and butter. This makes it a healthy way to eat or drink it. As always, start with a small amount until you know what your body can handle. This is great to have at night, especially if you suffer from insomnia. Follow this with a short meditation and goodnight’s rest. Rest is essential for the brain and body to function as well as your weight loss. If you are a cannabis user and want to keep it inside your health and fitness routine, this is a great way to do it.

As always be safe and listen to your body. It really does know what it needs.

Amanda Jordan
Author/Weight Loss Coach

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Create a Home Gym

Having a Home Gym can be wonderful. There are many benefits to creating a gym inside your home. The biggest benefit is the money you will save by not shelling out money to a gym every month. You won’t be paying for gas to commute back and forth to the gym, and you won’t be spending extra money on travel/gym products.

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Another benefit to having your own home gym is the luxury of working out when you want to and not when the gym is open. You have no travel time and everything you need is right there, such as your shower, clothes, and makeup. No more grunting from the person next to you at the gym, and best of all no comparing yourself to the other people at the gym.

The best part of creating a gym at home is you don’t need overpriced gym equipment to get a good workout in. You just need a designated spot in your house/garage/attic to create your space.

Here is a list of items you can purchase to get in a really great workout.

Resistance Bands are versatile strength training tools. They’re lightweight and portable and help with strength training and you can get them for under $20.

A set of Dumbells are great for some muscle building. Pick the weight that is challenging for you but not impossible.

Jump Ropes are a great workout that can be done inside or out. Jumping rope is a full-body workout, so it burns many calories in a short time. For an average-sized person, jumping rope might even burn more than 10 calories a minute.

Floor mats are great for your gym floor so you have stability and don’t hurt your knees on the hard floor. You can get one pack that will create a perfect gym space for under $30.

Total Gym, if you are looking for one piece of equipment that takes care of everything then the Total Gym is the way to go and it cost under $500 which is cheaper than a yearly gym membership. Cardio can be done anywhere with no equipment but strength training is harder. You can find a great one on Amazon or even check your local thrift stores or a gently used one.

Having a gym at home has many luxuries but remember you will need to be motivated and have the self-discipline to workout at home and not binge-watch Netflix which can be more fun but definitely not as rewarding.

Amanda Jordan
Author/Weight Loss Coach

 “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

Safety Tips for Outdoor Fitness

Exercise is extremely important when maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Most people feel that diet is all they need to achieve the health and body they desire but this is not true. You have to include exercise in your weekly routine. Now, before you start thinking that you don’t like working out remember that there are many ways to get a workout in. If you haven’t found the one you like, you need to keep looking. Exercise can be fun and something you enjoy once you find the right one.

Outside exercise is something you can do all year long no matter where you live. From surfing to snowboarding, to soccer and swimming there are tons of different activities to choose from. However, before you venture out with your new workout, read these safety tips below.

  1. Set achievable goals for yourself. Realize that the heat and cold weather can have various effects on your body.
  2. Workout at the right time of day. During the summer choose the cooler mornings and evenings to avoid heatstroke and dehydration. In the winter choose daylight and above freezing temperatures to avoid frostbite and hazardous areas.
  3. Always have plenty of water with you, and drink it.
  4. Listen to your body and when you feel that it needs a break, then take a break.
  5. Consider working out with a buddy to help monitor each other and ward off the dangers of being alone.
  6. Wear the proper attire when working out. If you are running, make sure you have the right shoes and lightweight clothes. If you are snowboarding, make sure you have the right insulations and boots.
  7. Remember that the sun gives you a great amount of vitamin D but it is not always our friend. Remember to wear sunblock and proper eyewear.
  8. Always have a snack with you. This will help you avoid dips in your blood sugar and it’s always best to have a huge protein snack with you as well.
  9. Make sure to have a cell phone with you in case of an emergency. Even if you don’t have a cell phone plan you can always dial 911 from any charged cell phone.
  10. If you venture out alone be sure to let someone know where you are going and the route you plan to take. This is best in case something happened they would know where to look for you.

These are just a few tips to help you get going when you are exercising outdoors. The Mayo Clinic offers some great advice on winter safety when exercising outdoors. Check out this article for more information.

Amanda Jordan
Author/Weight Loss Coach