Signs of Binge Eating

Binge eating is an eating disorder that most people don’t realize they have. Just like an overeating addiction, it can be done subconsciously. Binge eating disorder is characterized by regular episodes of extreme overeating and feelings of loss of control about eating. It is believed to be one of the most common eating disorders in the United States.

Binge Eating Disorder - Dr Albert Toubia

Binge eating typically starts during your childhood but can reach early adulthood. Sometimes it will develop later in life, but this is not as common and usually follows a tragedy.

Symptoms of this disorder are similar to bulimia and overeating. For instance, you may typically eat very large amounts of food in a short amount of time. You may notice the overwhelming feeling that you can not control your urge to binge eat.

Common symptoms of binge eating disorder
Eating large amounts of food rapidly
The uncontrollable need to eat
Continuing to eat until uncomfortably full
Eating when not hungry
Eating large amounts of food
Eating when depressed, ashamed, or sad
Eating when you feel guilty
Being overweight or obese

If you struggle with a binge eating disorder, the risk of medical complications can increase. Binge eating can lead to heart disease, stroke, and type two diabetes. If you answered yes to some of the following symptoms, please see your doctor go over this or contact the National Eating Disorder Organization.

Amanda Jordan
Author/Weight Loss Coach


Do you overeat?

Overeating is something that a lot of people do. It is also something that they are not aware that they might do. Overeating can cause many health issues for you, such as obesity, high cholesterol, type two diabetes, and many more.

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First, you have to figure out if you are overeating and the signs that this is a problem.

If you answered yes to any of those, you might have an eating disorder. That is ok, a lot of people do. Food is one of the easiest things to become addicted to because you have to eat to survive. You can’t just stop eating. If you realize that you are overeating, you can do lots of things to help break the pattern. First, it is important to figure out why you are overeating. Are you afraid to waste food? Do you eat for comfort? Look over the list below by precision nutrition to see why you might be overeating.

The biggest thing to remember if you realize that you are an overeater is to not panic. You are not alone, as a lot of people struggle with this. The key is to be aware, so you can work on it and progress over time. Remember, this will not stop overnight.

Cheat day design has an awesome list of dos and don’ts that you can print out and keep on your fridge to help you stop overeating.

One of the best ways to help avoid overeating is to portion out your food. Getting portion control containers can help a ton. Try small containers when you are on the go. Amazon sells some great portion control containers and plates.

If you find yourself struggling so much that you need help, look for a local eating disorder group or contact me for some personal coaching. I now do remote coaching as well. Remember, you are not alone.

Amanda Jordan
Author/ Weight Loss Coach


Fitness & Edibles

There is so much hype and stereotypical vibes when it comes to cannabis and the pros and cons of it. Especially when it comes to fitness and health. Many people wonder if they can partake and stay healthy. The answer to this is yes.

Cannabis can be found in many different forms, but we are going to talk about edibles for the sake of this article. Edibles are a form of food or drink containing CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). When eating edibles, you absorb THC in your bloodstream. This will give your body a relaxing feeling that can help you sleep and destress. Sounds great, right? It can be, but the question is, is this healthy, and what the pros and cons of eating or drinking edibles are?


The biggest con of edibles is that a person can consume too much if they are not careful. Just like food, the THC absorbs in your intestines, so the more food in your system, the longer it can take for you to notice the effect it has on your body. Sometimes it can take hours to notice the edible effect, and if you are not careful, you can overdose. The overdose effect is not the same or as harsh as it is with a serious drug, but it can make you physically sick if you ingest too much. Another problem is you won’t know that you have had too much until you are sick and your body is trying to rid itself of the cannabis. These feelings can be scary intense and cause you to panic. Don’t worry; there are many ways to avoid this. First off, make sure that your edible is coming from a trusted place and that you know what is in it. Such as how much THC is in a serving. If you want to keep it healthy, make sure there are no artificial flavors or sweeteners in it. Start by eating a small amount the first night and see how you feel hours later. If there was not much of an effect, you could try a little more the next time. Remember to consider how much food is already in your system, as that will cause the effect to take longer to notice. Also, make sure to have someone around who can keep an eye on you if you need help.


There are many pros to edibles. The first one is there is no smoke damage to your lungs, like when you smoke marijuana. You can find edibles in everything now, like granola bites, chocolate, protein powder, and butter. This makes it a healthy way to eat or drink it. As always, start with a small amount until you know what your body can handle. This is great to have at night, especially if you suffer from insomnia. Follow this with a short meditation and goodnight’s rest. Rest is essential for the brain and body to function as well as your weight loss. If you are a cannabis user and want to keep it inside your health and fitness routine, this is a great way to do it.

As always be safe and listen to your body. It really does know what it needs.

Amanda Jordan
Author/Weight Loss Coach

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Create a Home Gym

Having a Home Gym can be wonderful. There are many benefits to creating a gym inside your home. The biggest benefit is the money you will save by not shelling out money to a gym every month. You won’t be paying for gas to commute back and forth to the gym, and you won’t be spending extra money on travel/gym products.

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Another benefit to having your own home gym is the luxury of working out when you want to and not when the gym is open. You have no travel time and everything you need is right there, such as your shower, clothes, and makeup. No more grunting from the person next to you at the gym, and best of all no comparing yourself to the other people at the gym.

The best part of creating a gym at home is you don’t need overpriced gym equipment to get a good workout in. You just need a designated spot in your house/garage/attic to create your space.

Here is a list of items you can purchase to get in a really great workout.

Resistance Bands are versatile strength training tools. They’re lightweight and portable and help with strength training and you can get them for under $20.

A set of Dumbells are great for some muscle building. Pick the weight that is challenging for you but not impossible.

Jump Ropes are a great workout that can be done inside or out. Jumping rope is a full-body workout, so it burns many calories in a short time. For an average-sized person, jumping rope might even burn more than 10 calories a minute.

Floor mats are great for your gym floor so you have stability and don’t hurt your knees on the hard floor. You can get one pack that will create a perfect gym space for under $30.

Total Gym, if you are looking for one piece of equipment that takes care of everything then the Total Gym is the way to go and it cost under $500 which is cheaper than a yearly gym membership. Cardio can be done anywhere with no equipment but strength training is harder. You can find a great one on Amazon or even check your local thrift stores or a gently used one.

Having a gym at home has many luxuries but remember you will need to be motivated and have the self-discipline to workout at home and not binge-watch Netflix which can be more fun but definitely not as rewarding.

Amanda Jordan
Author/Weight Loss Coach

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Safety Tips for Outdoor Fitness

Exercise is extremely important when maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Most people feel that diet is all they need to achieve the health and body they desire but this is not true. You have to include exercise in your weekly routine. Now, before you start thinking that you don’t like working out remember that there are many ways to get a workout in. If you haven’t found the one you like, you need to keep looking. Exercise can be fun and something you enjoy once you find the right one.

Outside exercise is something you can do all year long no matter where you live. From surfing to snowboarding, to soccer and swimming there are tons of different activities to choose from. However, before you venture out with your new workout, read these safety tips below.

  1. Set achievable goals for yourself. Realize that the heat and cold weather can have various effects on your body.
  2. Workout at the right time of day. During the summer choose the cooler mornings and evenings to avoid heatstroke and dehydration. In the winter choose daylight and above freezing temperatures to avoid frostbite and hazardous areas.
  3. Always have plenty of water with you, and drink it.
  4. Listen to your body and when you feel that it needs a break, then take a break.
  5. Consider working out with a buddy to help monitor each other and ward off the dangers of being alone.
  6. Wear the proper attire when working out. If you are running, make sure you have the right shoes and lightweight clothes. If you are snowboarding, make sure you have the right insulations and boots.
  7. Remember that the sun gives you a great amount of vitamin D but it is not always our friend. Remember to wear sunblock and proper eyewear.
  8. Always have a snack with you. This will help you avoid dips in your blood sugar and it’s always best to have a huge protein snack with you as well.
  9. Make sure to have a cell phone with you in case of an emergency. Even if you don’t have a cell phone plan you can always dial 911 from any charged cell phone.
  10. If you venture out alone be sure to let someone know where you are going and the route you plan to take. This is best in case something happened they would know where to look for you.

These are just a few tips to help you get going when you are exercising outdoors. The Mayo Clinic offers some great advice on winter safety when exercising outdoors. Check out this article for more information.

Amanda Jordan
Author/Weight Loss Coach


10 Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving

The holidays are a great time and most people look forward to them all year long. You can spend time with loved ones, eat delicious foods, and reflect on everything we have to be thankful for. One of the downsides to the holidays is all the delicious foods we eat. Thanksgiving is a time that is surrounded by food. People sit down and talk about why they are thankful, eat a bunch of food, and take a nap.

Photo by August de Richelieu on Pexels.com

This sounds like a pretty good day unless you are one of the people out there that spend most of the year watching their weight and staying healthy. Don’t worry, you can still enjoy the holidays and the food and not ruin all of your hard work. Here are 10 tips for staying healthy at Thanksgiving.

Photo by Ekaterina Bolovtsova on Pexels.com

#1 Stay Active

Yes, this time of year might have you wanting to curl up under a blanket with a cup of hot cocoa and a good show to binge-watch but your body is really craving some activities. Remember to stay active and get in some workouts so you can burn off those extra calories you are taking in during the holidays.

#2 Portion Control

Watch your portions and use a smaller plate to avoid overeating. You can still enjoy all the delicious foods that are made but you don’t need a full portion of each item. Take a little bit of everything. Split your roll with someone, take a small piece of the pie, and avoid feeling stuffed.

Photo by Dayvison de Oliveira Silva on Pexels.com

#3 Feel Satisfied not Stuffed

This is very important when eating but super important during the holidays. The feeling of being stuffed or full is actually a bad thing. This means that your stomach has too much food in it. You should only eat until you feel satisfied. This means that your body is telling you it is comfortable and happy with the food it just had. During the holidays lots of people make the mistake of eating until they are so stuffed that they fall asleep. This can lead to weight gain.

#4 Make healthy dishes

This is one of the best ways to avoid eating things you should not have. If you are hosting dinner then you are in the perfect spot to make the food healthy. If you are attending someone else dinner then make sure to take a healthy side dish and healthy dessert so you have options. This will give the appearance of generosity as well as helping your diet. Here are 4 recipes for healthy dishes & desserts you can prepare.
Smashed Green Beans With Lemony Sumac Dressing
Blistered Green Beans With Fried Shallots
Pumpkin donuts with pecan frosting
Mini chocolate pumpkin seed candy peanut butter cups
You can also find many more recipes like this on my Pinterest boards. Follow me there!

#5 Eat Breakfast

A lot of times people will skip breakfast on Thanksgiving because they are busy cooking and they know they will eat a ton of food later. Remember that a ton of food is never a good thing. Start your day off with a small breakfast that is full of protein and fiber. This will help you discriminate later when the appetizers come out.

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#6 Avoid Seconds

This can be really hard at Thanksgiving when there is so much food around and your nosy Aunt Ruth wants you to try some of her macaroni surprise. Just remember it is ok to say no or that you are full. If you aim to please people then by all means take a bite not a helping. Try to say no to seconds and remember that there is probably more dessert than you will ever need. Remember that leftovers from Thanksgiving taste amazing the next day so save your seconds for that. If you keep your portions small the first time around then you will be fine getting a second helping of small portions. This is the best way when there are a lot of dishes.

#7 Watch the Alcohol

No this is not a surgeon general warning about what alcohol can do to you and how you should avoid it. This is simply a tip telling you to watch how much you take in. A lot of times on holidays there are yummy mixed drinks and wine pouring all around. These can be delicious and don’t feel like you can’t partake. Just remember that alcohol has a lot of hidden calories that can really add to your daily limit which can cause you to gain weight. Stick to a glass of wine or a spritzer. A low calories hard cider or beer would work as well. If you are attending someone else’s dinner then bring your own bottle so you know exactly how much you are having.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

#8 Eat Slow

This can be hard to do when there is so much good food around. However, if you take small bites and put your fork down between bites you will find that you fill up faster and eat less. Even counting to 20 as you chew can be helpful, but this is not always the greatest idea when people are trying to have a conversation with you. Just remember to go slow and the food isn’t going anywhere.

#9 Be Realistic

The holidays bring lots of wonderful times and delicious foods. It also can bring stress and pressure as you are entertaining and searching for the perfect gifts, clothes, not to mention the stress of how to pay for all of it. This is the best time to focus on maintaining your weight versus weight loss. Don’t get upset with yourself if you eat too much on Thanksgiving or forget to get a workout in. Just keep moving forward.

#10 Work it off

Get in a workout the morning of Thanksgiving and start your day off right. That will help with the balance of the extra calories you take in today. No time in the morning, then try to squeeze one in before bed. Anytime you can find to workout will help. This day can be challenging so don’t focus on a long workout but go for a HIIT workout that you can do in 5 to 10 minutes. Check out my Etsy store for 5 minutes HIIT workout cards that will give you many different options.

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All and all remember to have a great day and remember what you are thankful for.

For more information on weight loss for women check out my coaching options.

Amanda Jordan

Safe Exercises to do While Pregnant

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First things first, never start a workout routine without speaking to your doctor first. This is especially important during pregnancy because you don’t want to do anything that could cause distress to you and your unborn baby.

If you have been cleared by your physician to work out here are a few workouts you can safely do.

Before you begin here are a few tips for you.

  • Make sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after your workout.
  • Wear supportive clothing such as a sports bra or belly bands.
  • Do not allow yourself to get overheated especially during the first trimester
  • Avoid all contact sports and only do yoga routines that are specified for pregnancy.
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This can be done in all 3 trimesters and is really good for strengthening leg and back muscles. It also helps keep your weight down during pregnancy. Good types of cardio would be walking, jogging, swimming, and stationary bikes are great to do.

Pelvic Exercises

These are great to do starting your first trimester to help strengthen your spinal mobility and abdominal muscles. This is very helpful while your tummy grows, and you get ready for childbirth. Good pelvic exercises are pelvic curl, pelvic brace, and Kegels.


Squats are great to start in the first trimester as they strengthen the muscles in your lower body. Click here for a great video on how to do them.

Mermaid Stretch

This is great to start in your second trimester as the baby grows. As this happens it can start to create pressure on your diaphragm and ribs which can be very painful. This workout helps take the pressure off of that.

  • Sit on the ground with both of your knees bent (or folded) and your feet facing to the right.
  • Raise your left arm straight to the ceiling as you inhale, then exhale and side bend your torso toward the right. The stretch should be felt on the left side in this example. Hold for 4 slow, deep breaths. This would be the direction to stretch if you experience discomfort on the left side.
  • Reverse directions for discomfort on the right side. To reduce the risk of this occurring, start stretching both directions during the second trimester.

Belly Dancing

This is done on all fours and can be fun as well as helpful as it strengthens the abdominal muscles as well as the upper and middle back.

Get down on your hands and knees, wrists under shoulders, and knees hip-width apart. Keeping your back flat, draw your abdominals up and in, bringing your navel toward your spine; hold, breathing normally. Tilt your pelvis under, bringing your pubic bone toward your navel. Hold and count to 5. When you complete the final rep, stand up by stepping one foot forward and pushing off your thigh with both hands.

Remember to check with your doctor before starting these workouts and to always listen to your body. If something does not feel right, you should stop immediately and seek medical advice.

Amanda Jordan
Author/Weight Loss Coach

Create a Facebook Fitness Group

There are lots of fitness groups on Facebook that you can find. Some of them are public, while some of them are private. Some of them are made for women and some for men. Some focus on cardio while others focus on strength training. Finding one for you can be difficult especially if you are not comfortable being in a group with people you don’t know. You might be realizing that creating your own fitness group is the best way to go.

Photo by Lena Shekhovtsova on Pexels.com

Once you have decided to create your own, go to Facebook, and create a group. However, before you get started you need to do a few things. First off you need to figure out what type of group you want to have, such as cardio, clean eating, or strength training? Then you need to decide who will be in this group. Will you make it public or friends and family only. Will you allow men and women, and what ages are allowed in the group? What kind of information will you have? Will you be the one to lead this group and what do you hope to accomplish with it?  Will this group be full of information or a support group? These are all important questions to answer before you get started. 

Photo by Luis Quintero on Pexels.com

Once you have figured this all out you just need to come up with a name for your group and start inviting people. Facebook has made it easy to follow the steps to create the type of group you are looking to have. 

Amanda Jordan
Author/Weight Loss Coach
Check out the fitness group that I run with my husband on Facebook. 

8 ways to stop snacking at night

Snacking can be extremely beneficial to your health, but it can also sabotage your diet and healthy living. Eating a few small healthy snacks during the day to help curb your appetite and is a great way to keep from overeating.

Many people struggle with eating late-night snacks which contribute to more calories and weight gain. Here are eight ways to stop late-night snacking.

  1. Set an alarm to remind you to stop eating 2 hours before you fall asleep
    A good rule to follow when starting or continuing a healthy eating plan is the 2-3-2 plan. This is where you make sure you eat within two hours of waking up, and then every three hours, and nothing more than two hours before you fall asleep. This is a great way to keep your body fueled and energized.
  2. Figure out why
    It is good to sit back and assess why you are eating so much at night. Figure out if this is due to restricting your diet during the day, or if you get the nighttime blues. This could be as simple as you are comfy and binge-watching your tv shows you missed during the day and you are not noticing how much you are eating. Just make sure you are not binge eating as well. This can lead to many other issues like eating disorders.
  3. Plan your snacks
    Having snacks at night is fine but just like everything else make sure you plan them. Portion them out ahead of time so you know how much you are getting and can avoid overeating.
  4. Put something in your mouth
    As dirty as this sounds it will help you tremendously. Using something like a mouth guard or fluoride that has to sit in your mouth for a period of time will guarantee you can’t eat anything.
  5. Store your snacks far away
    Do not keep your snacks next to your bed where you will have easy access to them. Store them far away from where you have to physically get out of bed and walk to get them. There is a good chance you will be too comfortable to want to get out of bed for the snack and you will think twice before doing it. Also, if you do get up to get them you will have burned some calories on the way.
  6. Don’t have junk food in the house
    The best way to avoid junk food is to not bring it in the house. If you don’t have it near you cant overeat it.
  7. Get lots of protein
    Make sure to include protein in all of your meals. This will help you feel full and satisfied and you won’t crave empty calories later.
  8. Don’t starve yourself during the day
    If you are skipping meals and letting yourself go hungry you will find that you are very hungry at the end of the night which will lead to endless snacking. Make sure to plan your meals and don’t skip them.

Eating junk food late at night can lead to bigger problems but this does not mean that you can’t eat at night. It just means to make wise choices with your food, so you don’t add hundreds of calories to your daily intake. If you are hungry then eat something. If you are bored then find something to do besides eating, and if all else fails, just go to sleep.

Amanda Jordan
Author/Weight Loss Coach

Pet names to avoid when your partner is dieting

What Did You Just Call Me?

Having someone you love is one of the greatest feelings in the world. It’s even better when they love you back.

No matter how in love you are, there are still some rules you should follow, especially when your partner is dieting. Pet names are a big one. They can make your partner feel sweet and loved, but go with the wrong pet name and you might be in the doghouse.

Here are some pet names to avoid when your partner is dieting.

 Buffalo Butt

     As funny as this sounds and as innocent as you may mean it if you call your partner a buffalo butt, they will take offense to this and think you’re saying that they have a big butt.


     This is another one that will not go over well for either of you. Not that your partner will think you are calling them fat, but they will probably be moody from the lack of food and sore from all the workouts.  Even if you try adding the word sexy in front of it there is a good chance it will not be taken well. Just stay away from it.


This pet name gets used a lot and it shouldn’t. Just DON’T!

Fudge Nuggets

     This is one of the worst pet names ever. Even if your partner is not dieting, they will not like this and if they are dieting you just reminded them of two things they can’t have.  


This might sound cute but there is a good chance that your partner will think that this is a stripper name and think that you want them to look like a stripper which will not end well for you. Avoid this.


     This might sound cute in your head but being fuzzy is never a compliment so matter how cute of a voice you use when you say it.


     Once again you just reminded your partner of something they can’t have. Avoid all food names.

Remember that this is a hard time for your partner so be sweet and sensitive and remember it’s not you that they are really mad at.

Amanda Jordan
Author/Weight loss Coach