Conspiracy Fish

Conspiracy Fish

Fish in Foil Hats Anyone?
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Conspiracy Fish

Servings: 6


My favorite method of cooking is foil packets that I can throw away for the quickest clean up possible!  This recipe is for salmon baked in foil with an easy delicious sauce and its almost fool proof.  Your family will be so impressed that they will beg you to make this for every gathering.  On second thought, maybe you shouldn't share it! 



  1. Position the rack in the middle of your oven. Preheat oven to 400°. Line a baking sheet with a piece of foil large enough to fold over and seal to create a packet. Heavy duty foil is best. If you don't have that, consider using two layers to avoid tears. The point is to keep the sauce in, to keep the salmon juicy, and to contain the mess for easy cleanup. 

  2. In a bowl, combine honey, mustard, lemon juice, garlic, oil, paprika, red pepper flakes, Cayenne pepper and a pinch of salt. Stir to combine and set aside.

  3. Place the salmon onto the lined sheet tray. Pour the honey mustard mixture over the salmon, and spread it evenly over the fish. Sprinkle with a good amount of salt and cracked pepper. Fold the opposite sides of the foil over the salmon to cover and completely seal the packet closed so the sauce does not leak.

  4. Bake salmon in foil until cooked through, about 10-15 minutes, depending on the thickness of your fish and your preference of doneness. Carefully open the foil, and broil under the broiler for 2-3 minutes on medium heat to caramelize the top of salmon. Garnish with cilantro and serve immediately with lemon slices. 

Nutrition Facts

Servings 6

Amount Per Serving
Calories 302
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 9.6g15%
Cholesterol 139mg47%
Sodium 274mg12%
Potassium 806mg24%
Total Carbohydrate 10.8g4%
Sugars 8.6g
Protein 41.99g84%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily value may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.


This recipe calls for one large salmon filet, but smaller individual proportions can easily be substituted, in one communal packet, or in separate ones, just adjust your cooking time accordingly. 

Original recipe by EatWell101

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