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9 Pet Names to Avoid when Your Partner is Dieting

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What Did You Call Me?

Having someone you love is one of the greatest feelings in the world. It’s even better when they love you back.

No matter how in love you are, you should still follow some rules, especially when your partner is dieting. You have seen it; the wonderful loving person you know so well turns into a monster when hungry and feels like they are starving. You feel like nothing you can do or say will ever be correct, and you find yourself trying to slip them candy bars so that they will be nice again.

Pet names are a big one and probably something you have been using since the beginning of your relationship. They can make your partner feel sweet and loved, but go with the wrong pet name, and you might be in the doghouse.

Here are some pet names to avoid when your partner is dieting.

 Buffalo Butt

As funny as this sounds and as innocent as you may mean if you call your partner a buffalo butt, they will take offense and think you’re saying they have a big butt.


Here is another one that will not go over well for either of you. Not that your partner will think you are calling them fat, but they will probably be moody from the lack of food and sore from all the workouts. Even if you try adding the word sexy in front of it, there is a good chance it will not be taken well. Just stay away from it.


Gorilla is a pet name that gets used a lot, and it shouldn’t. Just DON’T!

Fudge Nuggets

Probably one of the worst pet names ever. Even if your partner is not dieting, they will not like this, and if they are dieting, you just remind them of two things they can’t have. The same goes for eating out at a restaurant, and they pick at the menu or seem fussy. It’s hard to eat right in restaurants, so be patient.


Bubbles might sound cute to you or remind you of a time when the two of you had a fun day with some bubbles, but there is a good chance that your partner will think that this is a stripper name and think that you want them to look like a stripper which will not end well for you. Avoid this.


Fuzzy might sound cute in your head but being fuzzy is never a compliment, so matter how cute of a voice you use when you say it.


Once again, you just reminded your partner of something they can’t have. Avoid all food names.


Not really sure how this is a term of endearment, but this name should be avoided, even when they are not dieting.

Sexy Pants

Using a pet name with the word sexy probably seems like the best way to go. Your logic is that you think your partner is sexy, and you know they are struggling with their diet, so win-win. WRONG! Your partner just heard several things from this name, such as they will never fit in sexy pants, you wish they wore sexy pants, and you only care about getting into their pants. Just avoid this one.

Remember that this is a hard time for your partner, so be sweet and sensitive and remember it’s not you that they are furious at, but many people do not diet correctly and end up starving themselves. Just be patient and understanding, and supportive.

Amanda Jordan
Author/Fitness Trainer

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