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10 Exhilarating Valentine’s Day Presents for a Fitness Fanatic

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Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and the stores are filling up with candy and sweets for you and your significant other. Everywhere you turn, there are specials for two with huge dinners with sugary desserts and champagne. If you are a health nut, watching your diet and trying to be healthy, this holiday can spell disaster. Even if you are not the health guru, but your partner is, you can find it challenging to find the perfect gift. Nothing spells disaster on Valentine’s Day like a box of chocolate for the person on a strict no-sugar diet. It can be tough to find the right gift for a health-conscious person, especially if you do not know what they already have. Below you will find ten great gifts for your sweetie pie this Valentine’s Day.

1. Fitness Watch

            Fitness Watches like the Apple Series 6 watch are super helpful for tracking workouts and other health-related issues, like heart rate, breathing, and steps. If your partner does not have one of these, this is a must-have for any fitness fanatic. Even if they already have one, maybe it’s time for an upgrade or a new band.

2. Gift Card to Sporting Goods Store

            Gift cards get a bad rap because some places charge crazy fees that go along with them, or people don’t know how to use them, but a gift card to your honeybee favorite sporting goods store will be a knock-out gift because they can purchase whatever the like.

3. Gift Certificate for a class at their gym

            If your valentine already attends a gym, check, and see what classes they are offering that you could purchase for them. Many gyms also offer add-on packages like massages, tanning, or a personal trainer. These all make great gifts. Do not buy a gym membership for your sweetie if they do not already have one because this could be perceived as rude.

4. Sunglasses

            Everyone needs to protect their eyes and wear a good pair of sunglasses. These are great for runners and people who do a lot of outdoor fitness.

5. Noise Cancelling Ear Buds

            Noise-canceling earbuds can be one of the best presents for a fitness nut, especially those who are at the gym all the time. You can get a great pair of earbuds for very inexpensive ones that work well, but if your partner is a hard-core gym nut who is always on the move and sweating, then you will want to splurge and get a pair made for athletes.

6. Fitness Bag

            Most athletes already have a gym bag, even if their gym is at home. It’s a great item to carry all your fitness needs, and this Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to get them a brand new one. 

7. HidrateSpark Water Bottle

            Water bottles can be found everywhere, and everyone should be using them for many reasons. Still, if you or your partner are a fitness enthusiast, then the HidrateSpark water bottle is a must-have as it helps you track your water as you drink it.     

8. A Personal Blender

            Blenders might seem like a gift from the ’50s, but you would be surprised at how a personal blender can be an excellent gift for someone who is watching their calorie intake. Smoothies and protein shakes are great for all and used by athletes. Save them the trouble of having to pull out a giant blender for one drink when they can have the ease of a one-and-done personal blender.

9. Massager

            Massagers are excellent and help loosen tight, sore muscles, especially after a workout. This Valentine’s Day, get your honey bunny a massager and melt away all their stress.

10. Bluetooth Speaker

            Most people enjoy music, podcast, audible books, and more, and being able to listen to it wherever they go without lugging around a massive sound system. If your sweetie works out at home and is tired of using their phone to listen to their faves, then a portable Bluetooth speaker is a great gift.

There are many great gifts to buy your honey this holiday that will not ruin their hard work and diet. Just remember to think of what they would benefit from and enjoy. Don’t forget to print out a tremendous Free Fitness Valentine to go along with the great gift.

Amanda Jordan
Author/Fitness Coach

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