5 Jaw-Dropping Tips to Avoid Quitting your Fitness Regimen

Whether you are starting your new fitness regimen or you have been doing it for a while, you will find there is always a time when you want to quit. Why is this? The simple answer is that it is hard and takes a lot of work to be fit and healthy.

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In the world, we live in today, especially if you live in the United States, you will see how hard it is to be healthy. Items such as smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices are one of the leading causes of obesity. Everywhere you go, fast food and digital objects are supposed to make your lives more accessible, and sometimes you don’t need things to be more accessible. The simple task of writing down a grocery list as you walk through your kitchen to see what foods you need to buy has been replaced by devices like Alexa and Google. Locking your front door and starting your car have all gone digital as well, and people are finding it harder to get up and do things.

These items make it harder for people to get in the steps and movement they need to be active. The one upside to the new digital things is there are many fitness items you can use that are also digital that will help you maintain a healthy life. However, it does not matter what items you have if you do not use them. Studies show that four out of 5 people who start a fitness regimen and buy exercise equipment will stop using it after two weeks. That means that the average home with a piece of gym equipment has either stored it away or has it sitting in the corner of their bedroom covered in clothes, long forgotten. Does this sound like you? If you answered no, then great job. If you answered yes, then it is time to dust off that equipment you spent all of that money on and use it.

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The big question is, how do you get past the two-week hurdle and not give up? Below are five tips to help you avoid quitting when you are ready to throw in the gym towel.

1. Dedicate a workout space

            Making your workout space a place of enjoyment is key to great fitness. If you love being somewhere, you will go all the time. Find a gym that makes you feel good when you walk in the door. Maybe that means the person at the front desk is chipper and compliments you when you walk in the door, or the gym has a sauna that you love to use. If you have a space for a home gym in your house, make sure it’s an area you enjoy being in. Use motivational posters and good-smelling essential oils.

2. Retrain your brain

            Stop telling yourself that you have to eat right and work out. Retrain your brain to say I get to work out and eat healthily. I get to feel exhausted and come back even stronger. I get to be the best me there is.

3. Gratitude Journal

            Start a gratitude journal on your phone or in a notebook and mark it for 21 days and makes sure for the first 21 days you do a workout and eat right and then journal what you did and why you are grateful. It takes roughly 21 days to form a new habit, so use this idea to create a new healthy pattern.

4. Revisit your Purpose/Why

            When you start a new fitness and health regimen, you want to write down your why or purpose for doing this change. Only you know your reason for wanting to be a healthy person, so mark it down and hang it up where you work out. That way, it will remind you every day of why you started and help you to keep going.

5. Create/Reevaluate your playlist

            Listening to music during a workout can be energizing and fun, but sometimes you need to figure out if music is what you need during a workout or is it something else. If you have to sing along to every song, this is not a good idea during an exercise. You will not work as hard because you will be out of breath and get in the way of your singing. If you are this type of person, find a motivational podcast or audiobook when you work out. If music is what you need, but you feel like it does not energize you anymore, it’s time to add new songs that get you going.

The key is not to give up even when you want to, and these tips are just a few ways to keep you going. Remember that only you can make the change you wish to see in yourself, so make it a great one.

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