You Should Drink More Water: Here’s Why

Drinking water is one of the best things you can do for your body, as it needs hydration. Most people do not drink enough water, and they have no idea how crucial this is to their health.

You have probably heard that you need to drink eight glasses of water every day. Making sure to drink 64 ounces of water daily is something that many medical professionals have passed on over the last fifty years. Does this mean they are wrong? No, it simply means that new evidence and studies show people need more than that. If you only drink 64 ounces of water a day, there is a good chance your body is not adequately hydrated, and you are missing out on many benefits that water has. Around 60% of the body is made up of water. You get most of your water from drinking beverages, but food contributes a small amount to your daily water intake.

Now you may wonder why water is so crucial for the body, what benefits you get from water, and how much you should really be drinking every day. You are not alone, as many people are confused and wonder if water is worth all the hype. Yes, it is. 

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Fast facts on drinking water

  • Adult humans are 60 percent water, and our blood is 90 percent water.
  • There is no universally agreed quantity of water that must be consumed daily.
  • Water is essential for the kidneys and other bodily functions.
  • When dehydrated, the skin can become more vulnerable to skin disorders and wrinkling.
  • Drinking water instead of soda can help with weight loss.

Why is water so crucial for my body?

Water makes up most of your body weight and is involved in many vital functions, including flushing out waste from your body and regulating your body temperature. You might also be surprised to know that it helps your brain function.

Water is also the main component of saliva. Saliva is needed to break down food and keep your mouth healthy. It also carries nutrients and oxygen to your entire body. Reaching your daily water intake will improve your circulation and positively impact your overall health.

Water also helps you absorb essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from your food, which will increase your chances of staying healthy.

It also aids in cognitive functioning as proper hydration is key to staying in tip-top mental shape. Research indicates that not drinking enough water can negatively impact your focus, alertness, and short-term memory.

What benefits do I get from water?

Water offers so many benefits, from lubricating your joints to helping with constipation. Here is a list of beneficial benefits you get from drinking water.

  • Lubricates and cushions joints, spinal cord, and tissues
  • Lessen discomfort from arthritis
  • It helps fight off illness
  • Helps prevents constipation
  • It helps prevent kidney stones
  • It helps you absorb vitamins and minerals from your food
  • It helps prevent urinary tract infections
  • It helps prevent exercise induced asthma
  • Helps prevent hypertension
  • It affects your strength and endurance
  • Helps nutrient absorption
  • Help with weight loss
  • Boost your energy
  • Improves your mood
  • It keeps your skin bright
  • It helps maintain blood pressure
  • It helps keep your airway open
  • Reduces the chance of a hangover

How much water should I drink every day?

According to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, general water intake (from all beverages and foods) that meet most people’s needs are:

•           about 15.5 cups of water (125 ounces) each day for men

•           about 11.5 cups (91 ounces) daily for women

People get about 20 percent of their daily water intake from food. The rest is dependent on drinking water and water-based beverages. So, ideally, men would consume about 100 ounces (3.0 liters) of water from beverages, and women, about 73 ounces (2.12 liters) from beverages.

The number of ounces will increase if you exercise and during hotter months to avoid dehydration.

Make sure to carry a water bottle with you where you go and keep track of your daily intake. Be sure to finish your water an hour before bedtime to avoid nighttime interruptions.

The bottom line is that drinking enough water is very important to your body, mind, and overall health. If you struggle to find ways to drink more water, then find a fun way to get it in, buy a fun color water bottle or a water bottle that tracks your ounces for you. Join a water drinking challenge with a friend or fitness group. Try adding different flavors to make it taste different and determine what temperature you like your water. Do whatever you need to make sure you are drinking enough. Your body will thank you.

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