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As summer continues and the weather is beautiful, everyone is anxious to get outside and play. This is also the time when people are more cautious about their bodies and wanting that beach look. Before you go kicking yourself for not keeping your New Year’s resolution of having the perfect beach body by summer, remember that it’s not about how you look, how you feel, and your health. Skinny doesn’t mean healthy. Maintaining a good eating pattern along with 4 to 5 workouts every week will get you where you need. The best part about summer is there are plenty of ways to work out and enjoy it. The one that people always forget about is yard work and gardening. Yes, these simple tasks not only give you great curb appeal, but they will also help you with your mental health as well as burning calories.

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Doing things like gardening and yard work are a great way to burn calories. You’ll work out all your major muscles by raking, digging, and planting. Do this for an hour, and you got yourself a good workout. You will also stretch and strengthen muscles while promoting cardiovascular health and maintaining bone mass. This is a win-win.

If you are trying to lose weight, add 30 minutes of gardening to your daily or weekly routine to help shed some extra pounds. A half-hour of raking can burns 162 calories, and weeding 182 calories. The sky is the limit, and your yard will look amazing to boot.

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This is also great for mental health and it gives you time to breathe and be alone with your thoughts. Remember to stay safe by using sunscreen and protection when out in the sun, and always drink lots of water.

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Stay safe
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