The Best Outdoor Summer Workouts

When summertime hits, it can be a magical time. Winter is finally gone, along with the cold weather and snow, depending on where you live. Summer can be such a fun time full of camping, hiking, gardening, farmer’s markets, and so much more.

However, people tend to forget that they don’t want to work out when the weather gets hot. Who can blame them? This year alone, the weather has hit record highs into the high 115 degrees, even in areas like Seattle. This makes life miserable, and the last thing you want to do is work out.

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Never fear; there are still many ways to get a good workout during the summer, so you don’t lose the muscle you have been building or start gaining weight you have worked so hard to lose. Follow this site during the month of July to see all the different ways to stay active in the summer.

One of the best and most fun ways to get a workout during the summer is to take up kayaking or canoeing. The best time to purchase these is in the wintertime when they are on sale, and you don’t mind waiting for slow shipping, but you can still get an inflatable kayak for under $200 on Amazon. However, if you have never kayaked before, renting one for the day would be the best option as you can usually find one for around $35 for the entire day. Paddling is a great workout for your arms and helps you to burn a bunch of calories.

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If you are looking for a great summer workout, Kayaking is the way to go. It gets you out on the water for some summer fun and a great workout as well. Be sure to use sunblock and take lots of water with you.

Stay tuned for more fun summer workouts…

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