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There are lots of fitness groups on Facebook that you can find. Some of them are public, while some of them are private. Some of them are made for women and some for men. Some focus on cardio while others focus on strength training. Finding one for you can be difficult especially if you are not comfortable being in a group with people you don’t know. You might be realizing that creating your own fitness group is the best way to go.

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Once you have decided to create your own, go to Facebook, and create a group. However, before you get started you need to do a few things. First off you need to figure out what type of group you want to have, such as cardio, clean eating, or strength training? Then you need to decide who will be in this group. Will you make it public or friends and family only. Will you allow men and women, and what ages are allowed in the group? What kind of information will you have? Will you be the one to lead this group and what do you hope to accomplish with it?  Will this group be full of information or a support group? These are all important questions to answer before you get started. 

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Amanda Jordan is a writer, specializing in fitness for women, especially those just beginning their fitness journey. She combines life as a freelance writer with teaching effective meal planning and targeted exercise routines. Amanda has firsthand knowledge of what life is like being overweight and unhealthy. Through many means, she has personally lost over 80 pounds and become a healthy woman.

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