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Working Out with Friends in the time of COVID

Guest Post by Natascha Pearson

Monday 12/21/20 9:30am

During these long winter days of 2020, when many businesses are closed, and enjoyable amenities are unavailable we must get off our couches and strive for a fit life. YouTube is an amazing source for workout routines and videos, but it does not come with motivation or zest. Where can we find the kick to get started? In our dear friends, of course! There is nothing better during the holiday season than sharing our time with our friends, even if it means whipping out the yoga mats and getting sweaty in our own living rooms.

Next, we might ask ourselves, what friend will we call upon? We might hear the buzz that the weight is packing on and the need to work out is fierce, but you want someone that is reliable, dedicated, and willing to show up. If your form of communication is through Facebook Messenger (recommended) or Zoom set up a time and most importantly…

Send them the video! Which video to choose from? I recommend 2-3 times a week, preplan by sending your friend a YouTube video of different sorts that range from 20-40 minutes long. This might not seem like all the workouts you need to get the slim body you crave but it is easily doable, and it starts the motion of working out at home. With this motivational start, the rest is up to you.

YouTube has an assortment of workout videos ranging from yoga, abs, and legs, full-body, and Boot camp routines. After arranging a day and time with your workout buddy take the time to evaluate how you and your partner feel that day. This is not a gym, you’re not showing up to be a coach, we show up to work out in our living rooms and I promise you it will be filled with laughter and funny side banter as you begin your workout adventure. My friend and I like to do abs and legs, more than the other videos but there will be days where I want to do some yoga and even though he’s not always comfortable with yoga, it’s only a 20minute video and the following workout will be something completely different. Now if our routine had been fierce that week and we want to push ourselves to strive for more a 40-minute Boot camp video will be what we seek.

Just because it’s COVID and the gyms are packed with people without masks it doesn’t have to stop us from coming together in our social groups and getting the workout we need to shed those holiday pounds. Grab your buddy, no exercise equipment needed, and dive into 30 minutes of laughter and fun as you tone and build muscle, shedding those COVID 15lbs.

Here are some videos my workout buddy and I have done in the past. Thank you for reading my guest blog post for MIGHTY GREAT FITNESS, I am honored to lend the team a hand and share my experience with working out in the time of COVID with friends.

20 Minute Morning Yoga Flow | Daily Yoga Routine – Stretch + Strengthen

20 min TOTAL CORE AB WORKOUT (At Home No Equipment)

40 Minute Full Body At Home Boot Camp Workout 🔥BURN 500 CALORIES!🔥

Burn Belly Fat & Thigh Fat Workout | Fat Burning Workout (15 Mins)

Natascha Pearson is a blogger and writer from California. You can read her blog, Beyond the Pocket, at or visit her personal website at She enjoys writing about Northern California, the outdoors as well as fiction short stories.

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