Halloween Treats that Kids and Parents will Love!

Halloween can be exciting and fun as you dress up in fun costumes and take the kids out trick or treating. The kids are excited because they look forward to the abundance of candy they get. You know how it goes, you head out for the night and come home with hyped up kids who are impatiently waiting for you to check their candy to make sure it’s safe so they can go nuts and eat themselves into a sugar coma. When the end of the night hits and you have a chance to stand back and observe all the candy that has been brought into your house. You will be hit with an overwhelming feeling of guilt, as you think about the rotting teeth in your kid’s mouth, or the diet you just ruined because you indulged in their candy as well. Don’t forget the candy you just gave out to all the kids that stopped by your place.

Don’t worry it will all be ok. There are ways to fix this before you starting thinking you are the worst parent ever. The best way to take care of this is before Halloween even takes place so you can decide how to handle the candy situation and prepare the kiddos. A couple ideas would be to limit how many houses the kids can trick or treat at. Fewer houses mean less candy. The other would be to check with your local dentist and see if they are doing a candy trade. A lot of dentists will exchange candy for toys to kids who bring their candy in.

The best way to avoid all the candy is to find candy alternatives to give out to trick or treaters. Just think if all parents did this there would be less candy, less childhood obesity, and less holiday weight gains. Here is a list of treats to give out this holiday.

Teddy Grahams
Juice Boxes
Mini Water Bottles
Baked Chips
Lowfat Granola or Cereal Bars
Sugar-Free Gum
Decorative Pencils or Pens
Small Rubber Balls
Fun Erasers
Glow Sticks
Small Games like Jacks
Mini Coloring Books
Fruit Roll-Ups

These items will not only make the kids happy but the parents happy as well. Don’t forget to check out Pinterest for lots of other great Halloween treats.

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