7 Life Altering Tip to Avoid Vacation Weight Gain

Vacations are a must when it comes to relaxing and de-stressing. This is something that you need to help release all the negative toxins in your body. Mind health is just as important as physical health when it comes to losing weight. Taking moments to relax and clear your head will keep you feeling fresh and focused on what matters in life. You need to let go of the negative things that your body will hold on to. Vacations and weekend getaways are the best way to do this.

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However, the downside to vacations and relaxing is the side effects it has on your waistline. It is common to go away for a few days, only to come home to find out that you have put on a few pounds. Here are some tips to remember the next time you take that much-needed R&R, so you don’t come home with extra baggage.


Make sure you take advantage of the amenties that your hotel offers. If there is a gym, use it in the morning before you start your day and burn off some of those extra calories you have eaten, or drank.


Add in some activities during your trip that will guarantee you get some exercise in. Yes, you can have fun and exercise at the same time. Add on a hiking trip, kayaking, paddleboarding, or ride bikes. There are a lot of fun activities you can incorporate with your vacation that will guarantee to burn some calories.


It is extremely important to remember that you need to drink water when you are on vacation. Especially if you are drinking fruity yummy alcoholic drinks. These are filled with calories and will leave you dehydrated. Make sure you get in enough water to stay hydrated.


Being on vacation you will find yourself picking up food that is not healthy. Unhealthy snacks and trips to the vending machine will add unwanted calories to your diet, causing weight gain. Try to book a room that has a kitchen, or at least a refrigerator so you can store healthy snacks.

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Share Food

This is the big one that people often forget to do when they are traveling. Share food with people you came with. This is a great way to save on calories and money. It’s a win-win. Sharing food does not guarantee that you won’t get enough to eat. Just remember if you are truly hungry you can always order something else, but remember to start with sharing an appetizer , then share your entry, and desert, and you will be full in your tummy and your wallet.

Late Eating

This happens a lot when on vacation because you are happy and relaxed so you sleep in and stay up late. The problem is when you stay up late your body starts to feel hungry again. If you eat right before you go to bed your body won’t have a chance to burn off all those calories before you fall asleep. Try to keep a regular eating schedule and don’t skip meals.

Watch out for calories

Vacations are all about splurging and enjoying yourself but you don’t have to splurge on everything. Having dessert every single night after a day of fruity drinks will add more calories than you realize. Also pay attention to the free food that is brought with your meal, such as bread or chips and salsa. Yes, these are yummy and free but they are also full of calories and your meal will end up with hundreds of extra calories that you don’t even realize. Remember to have everything in moderation.

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Following a few of these tips will help you from putting on weight while enjoying yourself on vacation. You don’t want to come home to find out you have pounds to take off. However, if this does happen, don’t get down on yourself just remember its time to step up those workouts and take those pounds off. Everyone slips from time to time, it is no big deal, just keep moving forward.

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